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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Sinks and the Rise...

On the east slope of the Wind River Mountains, the Popo Agie River (pronounced: PuhPawJuh)runs wild and free. Then all of a sudden, without much warning, it disappears, plunging into a huge cavern they call "The Sinks."

In the picture below, notice the rock at the top of the cavern:
Five days later, when we returned with some friends of Gary's, the water dropped significantly as depicted in the picture below:
The rock at the top of this picture is the same one which I pointed out in the picture previously.
It's amazing that in only five days that much water would travel off the mountain, underground then reappear 1/4 of a mile downstream and then be so low!

The place where the water reappears is called "The Rise." In this area there is a lookout to the water below. I zoomed in on the 8-10 pound trout. You are allowed to feed the fish but you cannot fish in this area. The water is almost calm as it reappears out of the ground in a gentle bubbling fashion. Once in awhile you can see the sand coming up off the bottom where the water comes out of the ground.

8-10 pound trout...

On my next blog I will post pictures of Atlantic City at South Pass and an old gold mine called "Miners' Delight." I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

This weekend we are going to Riverton on the motorcycle to see the "Old Car Show."

Buh bye, for now!



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