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Friday, July 18, 2008

More Vacation Pictures...

On my last vacation post, before my computer crashed, I posted pictures of the beautiful flowers on the mountain but I got a little ahead of myself. Before we camped on the mountain we took a road trip on the motorcycle. (I posted a map of Wyoming and the route we were taking.)
Here are some pictures of some of my favorite people that we visited along the way.
Saturday night, we stayed in Thermopolis where there are natural hot springs. We met up with Gary's sister, Anita and her family. Anita and Dan live a block from Gary in Rock Springs and were on their way to Yellowstone. We swam and soaked and relaxed. It was refreshing and enjoyable. The next morning, Sunday, we left early so we could meet Ellie and Ed in Buffalo. Ellie posted pictures of our mother's headstone on one of her more timely blogs. ;o)
After we decorated graves, we sat in the shade and visited for awhile before we were on the road again. Of course, Chuck had to be the center of attention and had to visit too!

This is Ellie's son, Ed. He is such a delightful and intelligent man!
After leaving Buffalo, we headed south on the old highway instead of the interstate to Kaycee. The old highway winds along the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Sitting on the back of the motorcycle gives me a bird's-eye view of the countryside. When we were about 15 miles north of Kaycee, I was looking to my right observing some very large buck antelope when I heard a noise. I asked Gary, "What was that noise?" He said, "A fawn antelope." I thought he was joking with me but it did sound like a sheep bah. I said, "No really, what was that sound?" He replied, "Yes really, I could have reached out and patted him on the head he was so close; I almost ran into him." I told Gary that I didn't even see it because I was looking at the huge bucks but I sure heard it! I'm glad Gary is a careful driver; I feel very safe with him.
After we cooled down and rested at the Kaycee Rest Area, we continued south on the Interstate to Bar Nun where M&Ms live. Melissa was on her way to work so we were only able to visit with her for a few minutes and the girls went to play across the street with their friends so I was only able to get a picture of Monte. They have a lovely home and lovely family. (Ellie posted pictures of their house and kids in an earlier blog.)


The next morning, we took Aunt Goldie out for breakfast. We had a good visit with her. Ellie posted pictures of her in an earlier blog too! :oD

Aunt Goldie and me...

Monday morning, we traveled back to South Pass and Louis Lake road where we camped. During the week, we took several rides to places on the mountain that I have never seen before and some places that I have but enjoyed seeing them again. I will post more about this on a future blog.

This is "The Sinks" where the water flows underground and comes up at "The Rise" a quarter of a mile down stream. They have put red dye in the water to calculate the depth of the cavern where the water flows. It takes approximately two hours for the red dye to appear at "The Rise." It's an amazing place! (More on this place later!)

The beautiful and daunting Wind River Mountains!

I will post more pictures next time. Have a great weekend everyone!



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