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Friday, June 20, 2008

I had a dream....

I had a dream last night that is still haunting me this morning so I decided to blog about it. Some say dreams are memories of things that have actually happened while others say our dreams for tell our future and I have read that dreams are just brain activity while you sleep. I hope my dreams are not in the first category because then I would consider myself very weird!

I dreamed I was standing at the bottom of a dam. I was inspecting it, trying to find leaks or possible leaks. I was chewing gum and thought I would use it if I found a leak but there were none. People kept coming up to me and talking to me about this process and even though I listened politely to what they were saying, I would diligently continue to search for leaks. Some talked to me about the gum I was chewing, if it would hold a leak or not, some talked to me about things that weren't relevant to my task at hand. I remember feeling a sense of urgency that I had to find a leak because a dam that big could not be without one and it was my duty to find it and plug it.

Flaming Gorge Dam 2008

I am not sure what this dream was all about; I am pretty sure it was not a memory.

As I have been writing this post the thought occurred to me that this dream could be symbolic of my life thus far. The dam could be symbolic of my life and relationships. I have been 'plugging holes' all of my life, trying to fix cracked or broken relationships. I did not have the skills or the tools to really accomplish that task (bubble gum). But, I was diligent in watching for any sign of leaks.

Today, at this time in my life, I have better skills of communicating and resolving conflict. I am more honest with myself and others about my feelings. I still have some trust issues but I think not trusting everyone at face value is a good trait. I am open to new and different ideas instead of thinking in only black and white abstracts. My life has taken on a new form or an enhanced form of my previous life. A year ago, I would have never believed I would be riding on the back of a motorcycle and enjoying it. It's amazing what I have accomplished in overcoming fear and narrow mindedness. I am celebrating my life!

What do you think my dream means?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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