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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Traces of New Life, Renewing Hope....

Yesterday, was a beautiful blue sky day with the temprature up in the 70's. It was a great day for a motorcycle ride! Gary and I met up with some friends of his from Lyman then we took off for the Flaming Gorge. It has been a month since we were there last and oh my, what a difference a little time makes.

We didn't see any Big Horn Sheep or Elk or Deer this time and the snow was all melted. There were wild spring flowers blooming and the air was full of the chatter of little forest creatures and birds.

I know I have posted pictures of this cliff before showing how deep the Gorge is but this time I would like you to notice the little dead tree on the side of the cliff.

I was thinking about this tree wondering about its life cycle, how it managed to grow there in the first place, how long it lived and what it had to endure such as harsh winds, the blazing sun and frigid winters, just to be left as a skeleton of a life passed all alone on a cliff.

Then I caught a glimpse of this new pinecone on this Ponderosa Pine tree. I thought of all of the potential it had and for the new life it could produce to continue populating the forest.

I thought of my own life and how it changed so drastically and I didn't have a choice in the decisions that were made. I could either be a boney skeleton of my true self or I could begin a new life with the hope that something would grow and become mighty in its own right.

We may not always have a choice in what life hands us, but we do have a choice in either becoming an old weathered skeleton or taking what we have and becoming great!

This is Dave & Ruth, longtime friends of Gary's and new friends to me.

This is Gary and I enjoying an ice tea in the shade. Sorry about the 'helmet hair"! I took off my long sleeved shirt for only a short time but today I am redder than the shirt I was wearing!

Chuck and I will be gone ths week but I will have access to the internet so I hope that I get lots of comments while I am gone.



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