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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peace Lily

When my husband died two years ago last October, I was given a Peace Lily from my Sheriff who was also the president of my board of directors. It brought me peace in a time of crisis. Since then, it has been a struggle to keep it alive because I am gone so much. I have often been tempted to just throw it out but something inside of me keeps wanting to nurture it and keep it growing and blooming.

This past week, I had a birth and a death in my life and it has me pondering the cycle of life. We are all put here for a reason, a purpose; am I fulfilling my purpose or am I just going through the motions of existence?

There are so many people in history, famous and obscure who have made a mark on my life; they are too numerous to list. I do not want to just merely exist but to make a difference. I do not think I will change the world with an invention, scientific breakthrough or even a literary masterpiece but, I hope to change and improve the world around me, where I am planted.

I can do this by becoming more "Green", by recycling, using less paper products, picking up the litter others have carelessly dropped. I can bring a smile to the grocery clerk who is having a bad day and hand write a note to a lonely Aunt. I can show compassion to others whenever they cross my path and I can be a good citizen by voting and respecting those who are leaders.

I may never be famous and receive the Pulitzer Peace Prize but I can help bring peace to my part of the world by my attitude and deeds. Just like my Peace Lily, I can bloom, if only for a season.

Celebrating life,


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