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Sunday, September 28, 2008

95 Birthdays and counting....

Yesterday afternoon, Gary, his sister Anita and I drove over to Green River and helped Aunt Claris celebrate her 95th birthday. Aunt Claris was married to Gary's Uncle Bill, (Gary's dad's brother) in the 1950's. Uncle Bill died many years ago.

When Gary was 5 years old, his mother came down with polio so Gary and his brother Robert lived with Aunt Claris and Uncle Bill for several years while their mother and father lived in California while she was getting treatment for polio.

Claris has been like a second mother to Gary and he adores her as she does him. Of course, I have adopted her as my Aunt also. Aunt Claris' mind is still sharp and except that she wants to sleep all the time, she is in pretty good health. Claris' son, Bruce and his family came up from AZ and FL to help her celebrate so I got to visit with lots of family. I love the family connection and it made me miss my own mother.

I will be in Jackson all week so will blog when I get back!



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