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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"River of Now"

The Snake River has its beginnings in Wyoming; a beautiful river that starts as spring runoff, turns into rapids and ends up far and beyond the borders of Wyoming.

I have written posts on many objects such as trees, bridges and flowers and how they have been 'object lessons' in my life. I love nature and the lessons it teaches us; if we listen we can learn many life's lessons from mother nature.

The subject I am going to write about today is about the "River of Now."

Rivers have played an important role in the creation and evolution of our civilization in our nation and around the world. Rivers have been used as roads and the modes of travel into the wilderness for explorers and transporters. There is no denying that rivers are the foundation of our civilization; where there is water, there is life.

Today, I would like to write about a 'spiritual river' which has transported two kindred spirits to a union of respect and friendship.

Not too long ago, San posted a virtual tour of her gallery. I was infatuated with a staircase painting which she had displayed and told her so in one of our email correspondences. She informed me that the painting was for sale and that she would be happy to sell it to me. I told her that "even though the painting was interesting, I would rather have one of yours hanging in my living room."
I asked her if she had a painting with greens and purples and a splash of red because that is what I envisioned in my mind hanging in my living room. To my surprise, she told me that she had just finished one and it was still drying on her easel! To make a long story short, she e-mailed me pictures of it and I knew that she had been reading my mind because it was EXACTLY how I envisioned it! She had named it, "The River of Now."

Today, it arrived and is now hanging on my wall, my drama wall. There it is, full of life and movement, connecting our spirits as a river, a river of friendship between two souls who have never met but are in so many ways, unified.
"River of Now" with San....

"River of Now" with me....

In so many ways this painting depicts my life, my pain, sorrow and happiness. Thank you, San, for painting my life and giving me a part of you!


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