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Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Laughing Matter....

Today, I go to the dentist. I have had a phobia about dentists every since I was a young girl and had to go to the town dentist, Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith was old and grouchy and did not have a good way of making a scared child feel better. My bad experiences with Dr. Smith ruined me for life about getting regular check ups.

As an adult, I know that dental hygiene is so important and regular check-ups are essential in order for me to keep my own teeth as long as possible. Okay, so I know, I get it, but I still dread it, hate it.... It's like pulling hen's teeth to get me there! Ugh!

So, while I am laying there, all gassed up and happy, I will be thinking of the tooth fairy and how rich I won't be once my teeth are fixed!
Have an excellent day, everyone!


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