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Monday, December 1, 2008

Seven Unknown Things About Me....

San of "A Life with a View" tagged me with this blog title. I had to really think of things to come up with since most of you know me so well. Here are 7 true, unknown things about me:

1. I always wanted to look like Cher of the Sonny and Cher days! 2. I collect a rock from where ever I go.
3. I love coconut cream pie but I am UNABLE to make a decent crust. I always buy my crusts.

4. One of my favorite candy bars is a Butterfinger.

5. I bought a new Wii just so I could play the new Animal Crossing Game. I am addicted to Animal Crossing and it is the only game I play.

6. I sort and organize my clothes in my closet by color coordinated hangers.

7. Someday, I am going to walk on the moon!

Okay, I am going to tag the following people; please participate if you want to. NO Pressure!
1. Anna Bannana
2. Lollywilly
3. M&M Family
4. Velvet Ginger
5. Ms. Creek
6. Song of the South
7. Don Coyote
Leave me a message if you have participated!


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