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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"The Happiest Place on Earth ....Where Dreams Come True."

This is a picture of what the suites look like at my hotel in Orlando. It's a very nice room on the 17th floor. Yesterday after the conference, I was resting my back and something out on the patio caught my eye; it was black and flapping in the wind. It was also pecking on the window!At first I thought it was someone sitting out there on the chair but as I peeked around the drapes, I could see it was a bird. It sat about 18 inches high, was pure black like a crow but had a very long beak, about 8 inches long. It sat on the chair in shelter from the storm for a very long time. (For those of you that haven't heard, Hurricane Noel is off the coastline.)

So here I am in the place where all my dreams are supposed to come true, the happiest place on earth and that got me to thinking about the meaning of happiness.

To me, happiness is not an external place where there are fake castles and fake characters who are ready to take your hard earned money and keep on smiling at you but a place internal. My "happiest place on earth" is in my heart where I have found contentment, a place where happy memories of my life, children, grandchildren and family resides. Externally, there will always be hurricanes looming, big mysterious visitors wanting in and characters wanting your money but inside there is shelter from the storm and enough love to last a lifetime!


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