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Monday, October 22, 2007

Bridges of Life.....

My special friend gave me this picture of a bridge in Yellowstone Park; I think it is awesome! At looking at the engineering and construction of this bridge, I started thinking about the bridges in my life and how I have crossed them.

The last two years, I have had to cross many bridges. Why do we have bridges and where do they come from? I have concluded that bridges are all apart of life. After all, if I didn't have a bridge to take me from one rough place to another, I may end up in the muck and mire or in some place where there is only ragged rocks to scale.

Bridges span the gaps we have to travel along life's path. They are engineered for specific purposes and made of different materials. Some bridges are easy to cross while others like swinging bridges are scary. No matter how easy or scary they are, they have to be crossed in order to continue on your life path.

May you find your bridges to be easy on your life's path.



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