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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Landmarks of Life...

When you walk in the snow, you leave footprints until the wind blows more snow on top of where you walked or the snowmelts and leaves no trace of where you have been.

Memories are the footprints of time in my mind. The prints of the past two years are still evident in my mind as I sit here at my computer even though the winds of change are starting to take the edges off and they are not as crisp and clear as they once were.

It has been two years this day that my beloved Leo took his own life. I may never know what he was thinking or the reason for his senseless act but, I do know that he must have been in so much pain that he could not tell even me, his best friend, his wife. With that senseless act he caused more pain than he will ever know to those who knew him and loved him. In the wake of his death, I have traveled down a long and windy road. I haven't always walked alone; I have had my family and my dear friends with me.

As I have walked, I passed landmarks of my life and I have left foot prints. I have made mistakes, I have stumbled but most importantly I have picked myself up and kept on going because I am a survivor. This much I know is true... the path I have chosen to take is my choice, I am accountable only to myself; I am my own person.

I can only hope that when I have reached the end of my journey others will look at the land marks I have left behind and say "you have done well."

This is my wish for you today: May you find happiness in your life, may you find enough love that it takes the edge off your pain and may you find joy in my smile.



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