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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Skagway - Day 3 - Part 1:

The day we visited Skagway was filled with activities. First of all, we took a tour of the town. This is the view from the overlook. In the summer, the town has a population of 800 people and in the winter the population is diminished to 400 residents after the cruise ships leave by September 23rd. We were told that the senior class this past spring consisted of 4 boys.

In Skagway, merchants advertised their businesses by painting on the cliffs, using them like billboards. This billboard was painted over 100 years ago, advertising a clock/watch maker. (taken with my zoom lense from the overlook above)

One of the many statues we viewed in the Skagway Garden. This statue depicts the miners who traveled to the Yukon in the 1890's in search of gold.
The next stop was the theatre where we watched a musical about Jeff 'Soapy' Smith. Soapy was a soap salesman, a bunko artist who absconded from the law in Denver and found his way to Skagway. He was called 'Soapy' not only because he sold soap but was a slick conman who would take advantage of anyone and everyone he crossed paths with. It didn't take long until the citizens of Skagway formed the "Committee of 101" to run Soapy out of town. To make a long story short, Frank Reid from the "Committee of 101" and Soapy had a shoot out where both men died. The entire town turned out for Frank Reid's burial where only the mortician and Soapy's madam attended Jeff Smith's burial.

The musical was humorous and tragic with lots of interaction with the audience.

This is the grave yard where Soapy was buried.

Part two will be the train ride to White Pass and the Yukon.

It will be a couple of days before I will be able to post again....please be patient. :o)


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