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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2... Juneau

Please excuse the delay of getting Day 2 posted; it has been a tedious process going through over 900 pictures and to figure out which pictures would best capture our adventure!

Pulling into the Juneau port.

The main reason for taking an Alaskan cruise was to see whales. This is something that Gary and I always wanted to do. The day we took the whale excursion it was cold and rainy and we were thankful! (Huh?) We were told that the fish the whales feed on are at the service on cloudy days. We weren't disappointed.

Gary and I on the back of the excursion boat.

Look real close and you can see Sea Lions.

This picture is one of many of the hump back whales we saw. This picture shows that the whales were not afraid of the boats. We saw 12 whales that day. It was a glorious gloomy day!
Next stop....Skagway!


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