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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The BIG Double Nickel...

Today, I turned the big Double Nickel! I don't feel like I am 55 years old but I guess age is irrelevant; it's the quality not the quantity.

I googled the words 'double nickel' and 'August 13, 1954' and this is what I came up with:

Of course this is the most obvious one!

I can remember in the 70's when changing the speed limit was a big controversy, especially in the western states, because in many places the major towns are 100 miles apart.

Someone, somewhere took this picture on August 13, 1954. I thought it was a cool picture!

In 2007, Rob Reiner directed a film called: The Bucket List. It starred Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickolson. Essentially, it is about two men who meet in a hospital who begin writing a "bucket list," or things to do before they "kick the bucket." The movie inspired me to do the same.

One of the items on my 'bucket list' is to take an Alaskan cruise to see the whales. Gary, my generous and wonderful boyfriend is taking me on that cruise for my 55th birthday; we leave Saturday!

Our ship the Golden Princess!

I will blog all about it when I return. Thank you family and friends for making this day very special for me!



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