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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 5... Ketchikan the totem pole capital!

The continuing tail...

Ketchikan harbor:

Ketchikan's economy is based upon tourism and fishing, and the city is known as the "Salmon Capital of the World."
Ketchikan is named after Ketchikan Creek, which flows through the town. Ketchikan comes from the Tlingit name for the creek, Kitschk-hin, the meaning of which is unclear. It may mean "the river belonging to Kitschk"; other accounts claim it means "Thundering Wings of an Eagle." Ketchikan's secondary post office zip code, 99950, is the highest zip code ever assigned in the United States. Ketchikan also has the world's largest collection of standing totem poles, located at three major locations: Saxman Village, Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center.
In Ketchikan we did not participate in any planned excursions but walked the streets, took pictures and shopped. We wanted to have freedom to roam at will, take pictures and take in the ambiance of the town.

Here I am trying to take the miner's sack of gold.

Here's Gary shaking hands with a polar bear.

One of many totem poles we found while exploring.

The tallest totem pole we saw!

One of the more notorious streets in Ketchikan. I wanted my picture taken here because of my maiden name. Creek Street is an unusual street because the buildings were built over the creek on stilts; it was also the "red light" district in the 1890s. Today the buildings are shops, art galleries and a museum.

We were told to watch for bears feeding on the salmon; we didn't see any bears but the water was black with salmon.. These pictures were taken from the bridge to Creek Street.

Looking down and across the creek we spotted Dolly's place. Dolly was a notorious Madam.

It is now a museum:

Another totem pole on the way back to the ship:

The dock was just across the road from main street. Needless to say, there was parallel parking only on the dock side! :o)

Next stop: Victoria, Canada!
I hope you are having as much fun as I am remembering our trip!


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