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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tidbits from San Francisco....

This is one of the three seagulls that I fed my lunch to; I named him Jonathon Livingston. I was sitting on the wharf eating my shrimp salad with oyster crackers when three seagulls walked up to me and started squawing at me. It reminded me of the movie "Finding Nemo" where the seagulls were saying "mine, mine, mine." So I started tossing them each a shrimp. I noticed that each of them had a different sound and pitch when they squawked so I started alternating the sequence in which I tossed and noticed I was creating a chorus sound. When my salad was gone, (I didn't get to eat much) they left. I felt blessed to have experienced the interaction I had with these creatures.

If you look through the fence and through the arch you will see Alcatraz Island. I took this picture with my cell phone so you can't see the island very well but I thought it was an interesting shot to get a picture of a prison which is now a National Park.

This is a submarine which is docked at Fisherman's Wharf; it is now a museum. I didn't have time to go through it as I was on my lunch hour and had already fed the 'seagull choir.'

I was able to go to the airport and retrieve my misplaced baggage so when I get my film developed I will post more pictures and tell you all about my adventures that I had on my quick three day trip.



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