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Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring in Wyoming!

I am witnessing the slow appearance of spring outside of my window. The snow is subsiding and the temperature is consistently rising everyday. Spring is on the way!

The view outside my window these days is mostly of birds. Sometimes the rabbits and squirrels that live in the yard make their appearance but mostly the birds seem to enjoy my veranda.

The sparrows sit on my railing and look in the window at me. I think they enjoy seeing their reflections in the window.

The chick-a-dees come in closer and eat the crumbs the girls have dropped. I love these birds!

Lately, the ravens have been making their appearance and spending a lot of time out on the lawn. I have never seen so many very large ravens all together before. I wonder what kind of conference they are attending?

Spring is coming to Wyoming, but we have at LEAST two more months! I am looking forward to doing the happy spring dance!
Have a good weekend, everyone!


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